How I turned Monday Into a Happy Day!

Well, I decided to start a Blog! Even though creative writing seems to come easy for me, and lately I’m having an urge to share my thoughts with the world, I’ve been wondering for a few days how to introduce my blog and present myself as a fledgling blogger.

So I thought I’d just briefly share how I got here. Not because it’s some sensational story, but because it might come across to someone who is in the situation I was in, а.к.а. the “dark night of the soul”, and help them take their first step into the light.

You’ve probably been hearing a lot lately or meeting people who have decided unexpectedly to ditch their successful corporate careers and jump into a radically different (ad)venture like fine arts, poetry, growing plants, or taking off to bike around the world.

I am one of them! And it doesn’t just happen out of the blue. It started creeping as a dark and heavy feeling of being out of place, of not being happy, sometimes I even started asking myself: why am I here? Monday turned into a painful beginning of the 5-day working week, even though my job was well paid and dynamic and I had nice colleagues.

Gradually, this dissatisfaction and inner tension started creeping into all other areas of my life and made me feel miserable as hell. Eventually, I realized it was called anxiety and depression.

Long story short: I decided that I wouldn’t be able to make it like this for another 20-25 years until retirement. And so I quit. I had no idea what I was going to do. I felt both relieved and panicked! But all the while I enjoyed the support of my family and some loyal friends. May all of they are blessed!

I naively expected that I would start a business, because that’s what I ever wanted to do, and voilà – everything will work out. I started with fulfillment by Amazon, meanwhile decided to try online dropshipping first by selling jewelry, then boutique chalk drawing t-shirts and expensive borosilicate glass bottles, and finally bio-cosmetics, but none of these ventures proved lucrative. And so, I kept floundering and sinking financially and emotionally. I was a planet lost in Space!

Let’s look at the bright side, though! I got educated myself in the e-commerce business through learning-by-doing. Also, I realized that I don’t possess the essential business ability to sense the best-selling products to be and make money out of them.

Not to mention that all this was happening amid the first global Covid pandemic crisis, which further negatively impacted my irrational concept of selling excentric products when people were mainly buying face masks, disinfectants, and protection accessories. Totally out of line!

The lesson learned is that I should’ve focused on my creations instead of wasting energy on retailing other people’s products. Moreover, I already had manufactured my own unique and beautiful item – the Rose Petals Blusher Face Countour and Highlighter. This make-up product ended up being the best-selling product on my local online store and even had sales abroad. Thanks to this shimmering beauty box, my small brand started becoming recognizable on Instagram.

Lately, I’ve started writing short blog posts for my online store to attract organic traffic, and this activity turned out to be so easy and enjoyable. I felt like a fish swimming in its waters. Most important I felt happy and satisfied. My cup was full!

Probably this is the time to mention that I also have another writing project completed already: a small collection of recipes from different countries around the World. I created this piece with great desire, published it on Amazon, and left it in oblivion while trying to break into a business that does not suit me.

I believe the time has come to “dust off” my little book and will be eternally grateful if my future followers buy the book and leave a review!

Eventually, I realized that I could be happy only when I start waking up every morning, and every Monday in particular, excited by the feeling that I’m living according to my soul’s purpose. Then the magic happens, and everything else will fall into place. Now is the time for each of us to be sharing with the world who we are inside. And to live our soul’s purpose lifestyle. Essentially this is a lifestyle. If we do it right and share authentically and honestly who we are without those filters that hold us back, we can create a business and wealth around that purpose. And we can build our reality!

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