The Happy Day, Monday

Monday is a happy day when we are content with our life.

I turned Monday into a happy day! Or rather, I found my soul’s purpose. It’s not a thrilling drama, but it may turn up someone struggling and serve them to head off their soul’s journey.

You’ve been hearing or meeting people who have ditched their successful corporate careers and jumped into a different (ad) venture like fine arts, poetry, growing plants, or taking off to bike around the world. I am one of them!

First, I lost myself

And it didn’t just happen out of the blue. I came to the day when I felt totally exhausted and sad. I even asked myself: why am I here? Monday turned into a painful beginning of the five-day working week, despite the well-paid and exciting job. Dissatisfaction started creeping into my life, and I felt hopeless and miserable as hell, with an overwhelming feeling of emptiness. I was struggling with the depression.

Long story short: I decided I won’t make it for another twenty-twenty-five years until retirement. And so I quit. I did not know what to do. I was both relieved and panicked! At least my loved ones supported me.

I wanted to start a business, and everything to work out. I tried different e-commerce ventures, but none of them proved lucrative. And so I kept floundering and sinking. I was a planet lost in space!

Then got back on track 

There is always a bright side! I got educated myself in the e-commerce business through learning-by-doing. I realized I don’t own the essential business ability to sense the best-selling products to be and make money out of them. The lesson learned is that I should concentrate on my creations instead of wasting energy retailing other people’s products. One day, I started writing short blog posts for my online store to attract organic traffic, and this activity turned out to be so easy and enjoyable. I felt like a fish swimming in its waters. I was happy and satisfied. My cup was full!

And finally, I found the happy ending

Every Monday since, I wake up happy with the feeling of living a life aligned with my soul’s purpose. The magic happens, and everything else will fall into place. When we know our soul’s purpose, we’re content with our life.

Now is the time for us to share who we are with the world. If we do it right and share honestly who we are without those filters that hold us back, we can create a business and wealth for that purpose. And thus we can build our reality!

About Me

My name is Vera, and I am passionate about sampling the different sides of lifestyle, from fashion and creative business ideas to spirituality, and then sharing my thoughts with my readers. If you’re looking for inspiration, leisure, or minimal advice, I hope you’ll uncover something valuable here. So get yourself comfortable, relax, and enjoy the journey with me!


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