Equinox Cosmic Reset

On the autumnal equinox, Earth gets an immense amount of cosmic energy. Astrologers believe this is a period for healing and reset.

Twice a year comes a time when day and night become equal. These are the autumnal and vernal equinoxes. With the autumnal equinox, we welcome astronomical fall and send off the summer. The exact date of the autumnal equinox is a variable, as the astronomical year is longer than the calendar year by about 6 hours. Therefore, it can happen on September 22 or 23.

Fall comes into empowerment

Peoples around the world have their beliefs and rituals about the autumnal equinox. Like the solstice, the equinox is a magical time filled with power and significance. Some believe that a portal between the worlds is opening and miracles happen. Ancient Slavic tribes celebrated the new year on this day and expressed gratitude for the bountiful harvest by singing, dancing, and praising the Gods. In China, this day is like a national holiday.

Time passes, but the essence of the autumnal equinox remains the same. People still celebrate the harvest festival, bid farewell to summer, and begin preparations for winter.

Fall comes into its empowerment in September, the day gets shorter, and the nights get longer. The sun still caresses with its warm rays. We still enjoy the sunny days and pleasant warmth of Indian summer until mid-October. Leaves fall, and birds fly south.

On the autumnal equinox, Earth gets an immense amount of cosmic energy. Astrologers believe this is the best period for new beginnings, negotiations, and reconciliation with loved ones and distant friends. Nothing is a coincidence – the autumnal equinox aligns with the Sun’s entry into the sign of Libra, which embodies partnerships, harmony, and balance.

Equinox is the best time to get an order to life

Our ancestors believed in the magical power of the autumnal equinox. Everyone can manifest health, luck, love, or wealth by following specific rituals. Since the love energy is all-powerful, time is auspicious for deeper commitments, marriages, or new relationships. We can attract love into our life by placing a second pillow in the bedroom or a second toothbrush in the bathroom.

Water on this day has a magic power. Ancient people believed that early morning washing or swimming cleanses all the negatives and aligns us with our souls. The energy flow increases and the water washes away all illnesses and unpleasant ailments. If we wash our face with cold water on the evening of the equinox, our youth and beauty will last for many years.

The energy of the equinox is auspicious for attracting wealth. Baking a pie with apples or cabbage can attract prosperity at home. The stuffing for the pie has to be a large and round fruit or vegetable. If the pie turns out well, our financial condition will soon improve. Counting the money we have three times and writing on paper the amount we want to see in our wallet is also beneficial. If haunted by a setback and want to get rid of it, clean the house. Not only to wipe the dust but also to dispose of all unnecessary things – clothes, shoes, trinkets. It’s all about attracting positive vibrations and setting a new direction in life.

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