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About Sheet Masks

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Sheet masks are an innovative product of Korean cosmetics, originally popularized by Korean beauty bloggers, and are now one of the hottest trends in the beauty world. They are very effective for a one-off skin refresh and nourishment, or as part of a regular beauty routine, they are easy and convenient to use at home or while traveling, and they don’t require a visit to a spa or beauty salon.

The sheet masks are designed for single-use, packaged in a tester-type pack, and to hydrate, cleanse, firm, brighten or soothe the facial skin. They have two components – a piece of paper or cloth cut into an oval shape, with holes for the eyes, nose, and mouth, and an active product – a serum or gel in which the mask is soaked. They are made of fabrics suitable for sensitive facial skin – cotton, cellulose, or coconut pulp, which can soak up enough of the active product before being packaged.


Sheet masks are perhaps one of the easiest skincare products to use. They are a universal size that fits all facial structures. There is no need for spatulas to apply them, there is no danger of spillage and staining on other parts of the body or on clothes, the optimal dose of the active product is pre-set, they go on in seconds effortlessly, and the results are instant!

And precisely because they are so convenient, light and compact, sheet masks are ideal for travel. You can provide complete skincare on the road, in the hotel after a long flight, and why not on the flight itself?

The masks are used according to the instructions on the packaging. However, it is not advisable to keep them on the face for longer than twenty minutes, and if there is skin irritation, remove them immediately! Apply them to a pre-cleansed face to allow maximum absorption of the active substance.


Sheet masks are disposable and the entire product is used at once, whereas if you purchase a mask in a larger cut it will be months before you use it up. Another advantage is that you can rotate different masks within your weekly routine, one day hydrating, another day whitening, and thus meet the needs of your facial skin as much as possible.

One more plus of this type of mask is that thanks to the sheet parts, the skin absorbs the product much better as the paper fibers are ultra-absorbent and prevent moisture from evaporating. This way, the skin gets even more of the beneficial ingredients every time you’re using the mask.


  • You can keep sheet masks in the refrigerator. This way they will be even more skin toning.
  • There’s always a little product left in the sheet-mask packaging. You can use it the next day as a regular moisturizing product.
  • Always carry a sheet mask when you are on the go. A quick, easy and safe way to refresh your skin while you’re away from home.

And don’t forget that the fun selfie while enjoying the sheet mask on your face is a must!

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