Beauty Salon At Home

Doing nail art by ourselves could bring the pleasant vibes of a cozy beauty salon at home. Also, it saves money and time..

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Beauty and nail art have been part of women’s routine since ancient times. The history of manicures is associated with ideas and practices started by men and passed on to women. From ancient times till today, manicure is a complex care of the hand skin, including painting and decorating natural or artificial nails.

Nail coloring dates back to a practice of at least 5000 years in India, where they used henna for that purpose. The practice spread further to China and Ancient Egypt, as the different coloring signified class differences and social status. Royalty painted their nails red and black and used gold tools to get manicures and pedicures. 

The deep red of Cleopatra

Cleopatra and Queen Nefertiti were the first women who dared to color their nails. They used henna and oils extracted from plants to nourish their hands, and believed nail coloring was a status symbol in society. The more vivid the color, the higher they stood in the hierarchy. Cleopatra was notorious for her deep red, while Nefertiti preferred ruby shades. Hence, it is no surprise why the red manicure has become a classic, and nail art—popular fashion among women.

Contemporary challenges in the beauty routine

Flamboyant nail art is nowadays an essential part of the image of successful business life. Manicure has elevated to fine art and professional skill, where both professionals and women drive fashion and trends. However, contemporary women have a much more complex daily routine compared to their noble ancestors, and hardly match the appointment availability of the beauty centers. Not to mention a damaged manicure that needs repair as soon as possible.

And here comes the game-changer—our new home kit for manicures. Easy to use, creative and relaxing. Add some chill music, and all is set. Now we can leave the more sophisticated nail art to the professionals in the beauty salons and enjoy our beauty salon at home.

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