Fall Colors In Lipsticks

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What will be the hot lipstick colors that will be in fashion this Fall/Winter season?

Let’s overview the most fashionable trends to always have fashionable lips:

Nude lipsticks are almost invisible. Soft colors in shades of pink, light caramel, beige and rosy beige. Lipsticks to wear on any occasion, from morning to night: perfect for a delicate natural look, but also ideal to combine with intense and “exaggerated” fig-colored eye shadow so that you focus all the attention on the eyes.

The extreme lipstick trends for the coming season are vampire lips or sexy and hypnotic lips tinted with intense and dark lipsticks. To achieve this effect, get burgundy or even openly dark and gothic shades.

Red lipstick never goes out of fashion. Besides giving a grainy and sparkly look, it adds a sophisticated and timeless charm to any look. They confirm even strawberry lipsticks as trendy, as per last winter, among the colors to be shown on the lips: perfect for a ghostly look that does not go unnoticed.

The choice of finish lipstick is widespread from matte lipsticks, velvety effect on the lips, to creamy, pigmented but brighter than matte, to airy, which gives a bright and delicate veil of color to the lips.

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