Shopping Alone Is Not Fun!

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I’ve always loved shopping with girlfriends or my mom. It is not about buying something just for its sake but making the shopping an enjoyable shared experience.

The wandering from store to store, trying on clothes and shoes, having group discussions in the fitting rooms, involving the salesgirls in the trying on – it’s all exciting and fun. And since buying an item has been an enjoyable experience, I always wear it with doubled pleasure because of the precious memories.

No doubt that your loved ones could be great shopping buddies, but have you ever wished you had a personal shopping assistant, a professional stylist, and shop like a celebrity?

What if you could afford to hire professionals to advise you on how to dress up for a particular occasion and suggest different outfit options within your budget allocation.

Actually, there is a way to level up your style by getting a personal adviser at a very affordable price, and it’s called Personal Shopper

  • Personal Shopper is available both for women’s and men’s departments.
  • They will customize your styling to let your stylist know what you are looking for.
  • They will preview your picks and choose up to 8 items to try on at home.
  • You have 7-day try-on period to decide what you’d like to buy. Returns are free and easy.

Needless to say, you won’t be shopping alone and will be having fun!

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