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Libra Sophisticated Beauty


Libra is perhaps the most subtle and attractive sign of the zodiac. And before you keep scrolling because it’s not your zodiac sign, let me tell you that everyone has Libra in their natal chart. Just have to figure out where it is. It could be the Moon in Libra or your Venus, for example. And you may not even guess that the Libra archetype has a potent influence on your personality traits.

LIBRA IS about beauty and love

Charming, ready to give advice, and the most stylish in the office–no doubt these are people with the influence of Libra. Ruled by Venus, the luxury planet of beauty and affection, Libras are the social butterfly of the zodiac that can make friends with almost anyone. Libras never go to extremes. Moderation is their flow in life and emotions. They are easygoing and not energetic natures, even lazy sometimes. Also, Libras are notorious for being indecisive.


Libras crave a deep sense of justice, peace, and harmony. They are not the type to fight or struggle with anyone. Libras hate conflict. They can see both sides — the negative and the positive. Their outspoken nature and social disposition make them ideal partners. You’re at a house party and don’t know anyone–your best bet is to find a Libra who, inquisitive, charming, and warm, will make you feel welcome. Libras treat people kindly, since they want to appear sympathetic to everyone. They are romantic natures and look for romance everywhere–in music, movies, and books. Soft colors and sunsets are what they love.

Libras are perhaps one of the best kinds of lovers. Romantic, practical, or obsessive, just enough not to get bored. Libras know with almost mathematical precision what they need to do and when to do it. With them, nothing is superfluous. If your sweetheart is a Libra, leave your expectations aside and enjoy the moment. After all, you’re with someone whose middle name is Love.