The New Moon In Libra Is Here to Help Us Find Balance And Love

For reasons beyond my level of awareness, I have always been fascinated by the world of spirituality.

I love astrology. I read and listen about astrological events, trying to reflect them on myself. Moon is the celestial body that influences me the most, so I follow the dynamics of the lunar cycles and the energy that each one brings.

And I can’t miss the waxing New Moon in Libra because my natal Moon is in this beautiful sign. Moon signs are considered the most intimate reflection of the personality. They work in conjunction with our primary zodiac sign, a.k.a. our sun sign, to establish our unique identity.

Libra is associated with harmony and balance,.and this New Moon initiates many of the processes we will experience this month. The New Moon occurs on October 6 and will bring energy to help fulfill all the desires falling under the auspices of this air sign – marriage, beauty, harmony, and cooperation.

There is just one small detail, though, that could influence the current New Moon – it is happening during Mercury Retrograde in Libra. That said, this New Moon could rather signify a new beginning of past relationships or a restart of old relationships and connections.

Air rules our thought processes and can be the fuel for inspiring ideas and new ways of thinking. The powerful air can also stir the winds of change, directing us to open our minds to new opportunities or re-consider ones left behind in the past. The day is auspicious for launching (or restarting) projects promoting beauty, art, harmony, reconciliation, personal and business relationships.

Today’s New Moon will make us more agreeable and will unlock the desire for love and harmony. The New Moon in Libra creates an ideal atmosphere for communication with loved ones, and if we have had strained relationships until now, the period is suitable for reconciliation. And the Mercury Retrograde could be auspicious as well!

Today we will skillfully manage to avoid scandals by solving our problems with diplomacy. Social contacts and meetings with friends are also advisable. That is the best time when you have the opportunity to make many contacts and acquaintances.

You may find (or rediscover) the ideal business partners, bringing the necessary ease and clarity in your communication with them.

Those who are single can seek and find a new partner perfectly aligned with them and their needs. Or restart relationships from the past. For people in relationships, now is the period for commitment and more romance.

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Wishes come true during the New Moon, they say. Today, however, you can only wish for things supported by the sign Libra – marriage, partnerships, beauty, harmony, balance, diplomacy, teamwork, and cooperation.

Write your wishes on a piece of paper, but keep in mind that you should not include other people in them as they will not come true. Wishes should concern only you. And do not forget to adjust to the Mercury Retrograde!

For example, I want to attract the right person to marry.

Try to create beauty and comfort by decorating the space around you with scented candles or flowers. That will give you a strong positive charge.

During the New Moon, allow yourself to break out of routine by doing something different and out of the ordinary. You could change your usual itinerary, have a conversation with a stranger or buy a new piece of clothing.

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