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5 Reasons To Build a Routine

I can’t claim to have a routine. However, I believe that it is essential for a successful and happier life! So every day, I try to create mine.

Routine is a framework of various small habits that, organized into a whole, make life more orderly and goals easier to achieve.

It’s that simple – you make a list of goals and start checking them off. Going shopping with a pre-made list is such a small habit, part of the routine.

Routine is not something boring. On the contrary, it can be doing something out of the ordinary every Saturday, for example.

The point is not what the routine consists of, but how stable and secure the subconscious is in these repetitive actions and their results:


Have you ever thought that when you regulate your daily activities, it is more likely that you won’t feel the anxiety of the unknown or the fear of losing control? Routine creates a sense of safety since we know what to expect.


Trite, but true. Routine creates discipline, which in turn increases the concentration and performance you need. When you concentrate on what you are doing, you clear away all unnecessary and distracting thoughts as you are fully present in the task at hand.


Routine reduces the need for constant planning. Scheduling commitments, work, leisure, and breaks can put a lot of stress on our bodies and psyche. When we have some routine, we reduce much of that planning and the stress associated with it.


Routine helps you organize your precious time and allocate more of it to your favorite things and creatures.


Routine creates structure in our lives. Life is somehow more peaceful and orderly when it is structured. The chill we also know as the joy of life!

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