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Fusion Cooking At Home

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Nowadays, it is not enough for food to taste good. The meal should be healthy and delightful. Cooking is no longer just about mixing ingredients and serving the dish on the table. Imagination and creativity combine the gastronomic laws of Western cuisine with the exotic and spicy nuances of Eastern dishes. Creative plating matters as well. Today’s self-taught hobby cooks whip up twisted fusion meals at home for fun or stress management. Fusion cooking is no longer the preserve of professional chefs alone. 

Fusion is the mastery of blending contrasts

Fusion is a culinary synthesis of elements from the cooking traditions of different countries, regions, or cultures, a mastery of blending the contrast between West and East. The dominant characteristic of fusion cooking is the variety of ingredients and foods. Over time, culinary masters fused traditional foods to create new concepts and flavor profiles. Fusion cooking recognizes no rules: chicken with vegetables could combine with kiwi or pineapple on one plate.

This style has been fashionable in the last few decades, but to call it a new trend would be a mistake because the entire history of cooking is a gradual blending and interpretation of cultures. Americans just gave this trend a beautiful name. The first chef to pioneer this new method was Roy Yamaguchi, who, as early as 1980, combined Asian with European flavors to create innovative dishes which gained popularity in the United States.

Dare to cook out of the box

Soon after, fusion cuisine became fashionable worldwide, especially among young people. Soy sauce, a combination of sweet and salty, was the basis for creating fusion dishes. Then, the interpretations became even bolder. For example, a pizza with cheddar, salsa, and refried beans, commonly known as Taco Pizza, is a fusion of Italian and Mexican ingredients. A similar approach applies to sushi sets, capers with Philadelphia cheese, salmon with avocado, and similar mixes.

The recipes in the fusion cuisine style are risky since they are experimental. As with any attempt, they can be both brilliant successes and complete failures. A fusion dish that tastes good and looks attractive takes knowledge and effort. However, it is worth trying if you are an adventurous eater eager to break the dinner routine by still using everyday ingredients.

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