Scorpio Intensity And Transformation

Scorpio is the most intense sign in astrology. They dive into extremes - from top-hole to deep dark. But then again, this makes Scorpios so charming and magnetic. The most determinate trait of this sign is perhaps the ability to transform their unconscious drive for self-destruction into healing power.

Scorpio is the most intense sign in astrology, diving into extremes—from top-hole to deep dark. But then again, this makes them so magnetic. The most determinate trait of Scorpio is their utmost strength to transform the unconscious drive for self-destruction into healing power.


People born under the strong influence of this sign are notorious for being secretive, deep, intense, and seductive. They have sensitive perceptions and abilities. Scorpios always seem to carry wounds and scars from the past. Hence, they understand pain like no other. Scorpio is in tune with suffering—they don’t shy away from it. They acknowledge the struggle, are not intimidated by the darkness, and always come back and start over.

Scorpio is the natural ruler of the eighth house in the horoscope and concerns the most mysterious aspects of our lives. The secrets and unseen deep subconscious mind; conception, birth and death, Karma, past lives, reincarnation, and life after death; deep intimacy, closeness in relationship and sex; transformation and self-cultivation; energy management at all levels; finances and support; taxes and credit.

Everyone has a Scorpio placement in their birth chart. For some, the presence is intense, and for others, not so much. Either way, the position of the sign shows the specific area of life that calls for transformation and change. We can transform and bring ourselves closer to perfection in this area of life. Scorpio gives access to the magnificent potential of change and transformation whenever we can tap into its highest levels.


Pluto is the ruling planet of Scorpio and the eighth house. Farthest away from the Sun, and therefore it’s the coldest planet. However, Pluto communicates powerful energy and transformative force, sweeping away everything superfluous. We clung to every pathetic mundane appearance because we believed it gave us a sense of security—family status, social status, emotional dependence, relationship patterns, and material acquisitions. Then comes Pluto to shake us up.

In ancient mythology, Pluto is the king of the Underworld and the realm of the dead. Hence, it is associated with death and sex. Death is the transition to a new level of well-being, the most mysterious boundary transition. And sex is a powerful burst of energy that is a potential source of new life. Thus, Pluto’s power is so intense and has such a mystical nature that it can even overcome boundaries that a person in a normal state cannot transcend.

People with Pluto prominent in their birth charts are deeply insightful. Having been through their inner hell, they have a sense of the unconscious motivations of others. Therefore, they make unique psychotherapists and healers—guides for souls through the Underworld, from where they can bring them to new life. The Plutonians can both tear you down and lift you. Such personalities touch and influence. For good or ill, it depends on the direction of their power.

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