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The Beautiful Metamorphosis of the New Moon in Scorpio

Even if everything is going wrong, we get a chance to fix things by aligning with the energy of the Moon. Each time the New Moon encourages us to release the burdens of our past and set intentions for a new beginning. Even more, the Moon empowers our inner world to renew and expand within the 28 days of each lunar cycle.

Why is the New Moon in Scorpio so powerful?

This year the New Moon in Scorpio will occur on November 4th and allow us to reflect and clear out the old and unnecessary things, making room for something better.

Some astrologers compare Scorpio to a fallen angel dancing through the darkness and lighting up the night, bringing a new understanding to crises. Scorpio is the sign that is in tune with suffering. He understands the struggle, is not intimidated by the darkness, but will always find a way to come back and start over.

The New Moon in Scorpio could be our new beginning!

The placement of Scorpio in our birth chart shows the specific area of our life that calls for transformation and change. That means that we can transform and bring ourselves closer to perfection in this area of life. The Scorpio archetype will give us access to the magnificent potential of change and restoration whenever we can tap into its highest levels.

The New Moon is the most auspicious period for wish fulfillment!

The New Moon energy is most influential within the first 8 hours, so we can focus on what we want to bring to our life. Wishes must concern only us and no one else. Otherwise, they will not come true. We can write them on a piece of paper or visualize them through meditation. Any wish that comes from the heart is appropriate.

Scorpio is the natural ruler of the eighth house in the horoscope and concerns the most mysterious aspects of our lives. The secrets and unseen; deep subconscious mind; conception, birth and death; Karma, past lives, reincarnation, and life after death; deep intimacy, closeness in relationship and sex; transformation and self-cultivation; energy management at all levels; finances and support; taxes and credit.

As a sign of healing the Scorpio teaches us to let go of what does not serve us anymore and make room for something new. Good luck!

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