Jewelry for Good Fortune

Jewelry for Good Fortune

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Jewelry complements our appearance and speaks about our personality, beliefs, and style. But also, wearing jewelry for good fortune has been part of people’s lifestyles since ancient times. And modern people keep picking and buying jewelry for superstitions or spiritual reasons.

Many of us own at least one piece of jewelry with an owl, four-leaf clover, or feather. But what do we know about the meaning and origin of auspicious jewelry? Most of them are just popular in the fashion industry and we don’t even think about their spiritual meaning.

Infinity for Harmony and Endless Love

The infinity symbol is a trendy idea for a tattoo, a print on clothing, or a pendant on a necklace. Beyond the infinity, it depicts a balance of opposites: day and night, male and female, or endless love. And best of all, it can be worn as any kind of jewelry, as well as mixed with other charms.

Triangles for Good Luck and Stability

Triangles provide stability to various buildings and structures. Adherents of ancient religions saw mystical meaning in this symbol and often wore amulets depicting it. They also believed that triangles represent a life cycle: birth, maturity, and death. Triangles signified harmony between humans and the gods, and it was blasphemy to break a triangle and disrupt its integrity.

Triangles were present in Ancient Egypt. Pyramids were the base of three-dimensional triangles. Even though pyramids are the mausoleums of dead pharaohs, many today consider them symbols of good luck. They represent the forces of earth and heaven getting along. And so the triangle jewelry could be named for stability and good luck.

The Key to Someone’s Heart

One of the most ancient talismans is the key, a symbol of luck. And the most auspicious key talismans and jewelry were made of silver, the sacred metal of the goddess Diana. She was the guardian of doors and thresholds. She was also the patroness of mothers.

Couples in love give each other keys to their hearts. Three keys chained together are symbols of good luck in Japan. They were supposed to help the beneficiary open doors to love, health, and wealth.

Horseshoe for Good Fortune

It’s well-known that a horseshoe attracts good luck. Also, it scares away evil spirits and presents the gift of fertility. According to its placement, a horseshoe could look like the moon, or, turned down, it will become a symbol of the womb.

There is a belief in ancient cultures the horseshoe was a forerunner of wealth, as it was associated with a horse, and only rich people could afford it. People have always believed that a horseshoe found on the street brings success and happiness.

Horseshoes talismans protect the home and land and keep away intruders. A horseshoe hung on the wall or above the front door with its ends up, attracts good luck to that house like a magnet. Evil spirits will never enter a home because they fear a horseshoe.

Koi Carp for Abundance

Along with the Dragon, Koi carps are among the most beloved symbols in Asian countries. People in China believe that paintings depicting Koi carp bring good luck and abundance.

Koi carp is also known as the king of all fish. It symbolizes the pursuit of ambitious goals and is a glorious example of success through hard work and overcoming obstacles. Since Koi carp swim against the upstream, they personify perseverance, strength, and willpower.

Before choosing our auspicious jewelry, we get to learn about its power. Whether for protection, luck, love, or health, we should pick wisely, trust our intuition, and resonate with its energy.

Or, if we want to stand out with something unique, DIY creative jewelry can combine several talismans to attract good fortune in different areas of our lives.

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