Five Tips On How To Meditate

Lotus pose, eyes closed, spine erect, hands in lap, palms facing the sky. Create a peaceful surrounding and meditate. And notice the miraculous effect on both body and soul. Learn how to meditate.

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Lotus pose, eyes closed, spine erect, hands in lap. Create a peaceful setting, but remain conscious. Learn to meditate. Meditation taps into a more intense and exciting part of our inner self that is often blurred by our overwhelmed mind. Then we notice the miraculous effect on both body and soul.

Meditation is gaining momentum, and it is viewed rather as a science than as a religion. In the latter half of the 20th century, physicians started exploring this practice to heal anxiety, depression, and panic attacks. In today’s world, meditation is part of the daily routine of many people.

State of Mindfulness 

Mindfulness is the practice of being present in a moment without judging. To tap into a such state of mind, we need to focus on breathing and suitable sounds. Meditation requires persistence, as focusing even for a moment without distraction by thoughts needs practicing and willingness. 

How to meditate?

Set a convenient time. Meditation is a state of relaxation, so we should not be disturbed. The time around sunrise and sunset, when nature shifts between day and night, is ideal to practice.

Practice with an empty belly. It’s better to meditate before meals. After eating, you may get sleepy during the meditation. However, if you are hungry, do not torture yourself. It will be difficult because of the empty stomach burps. Or the distracting thought of food. Hence, you can meditate after two hours of food intake.

Take a comfortable position with your spine erect. Shoulders and neck relaxed, eyes closed throughout. Place your palms on your thighs. Feel your body.

Take a few deep breaths. Observe how the chest and abdomen rise and fall during breathing. Pay attention to the flow of air. Breathe without setting a rhythm. Enjoy the oxygen saturating your lungs by concentrating on the pause after each exhalation.

A good idea for beginners is guided meditation. It will help you get started. All you need to do is close your eyes, relax, follow the instructions as you hear them, and enjoy the experience. The choice of online guided meditations is endless.

Keep Calm and Patient

Don’t blame yourself if your mind is running through thoughts. In the beginning, your main task is to pay attention to your breath whenever you get distracted. You won’t succeed the first time, but don’t give up. Persistence is crucial. If you meditate, soon you will feel positive changes in your life. You will become happy, radiant and fulfilled.


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