How to live a life in pink? What does the color pink actually symbolize? Color psychology says that pink associates hope.

How To Live Amazing Life in Pink

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Life is better in pink. But how to live a life in pink? What does the color pink symbolize? Few people know that pink is not a stand-alone color but a blend of red and white, a hue that we may define as a tint.

Pink embodies the energy of red and the serenity of white. Color psychology says that pink associates hope. It is a beneficial color filled with warmth and the sense that everything will be fine. Pink soothes our emotions and removes anger, aggression, feelings of pain, and loneliness.  

In the notion of spirituality, pink is the color of the fourth (heart) chakra, along with green and gold. Green radiates the love sent by us to ourselves and others. That is our healing power and energy. Then comes pink as the unconditional love manifesting itself in seeing the kindness of others. And the golden color expresses universal love. According to Hindu beliefs, love for ourselves is crucial to love others.  

How to awaken our heart?

People with a balanced fourth chakra are open, sensual, responsible, and proactive. They strive to help the world become better, believe in themselves, and perceive creation as part of divine unconditional love. The balanced heart chakra influences the cardiovascular system, chest, and spine. When the heart chakra is blocked, people lose their sense of justice. Their feelings are superficial. Such people cannot give and receive love and believe they do not deserve it. On a spiritual level, a blocked fourth chakra manifests with persisting relationship problems, feelings of loneliness, heartlessness, and intolerance of those around them. On the physical level, a blocked heart chakra manifests with heart and blood diseases, lung diseases, allergies, asthma, colds, and skin diseases.

We have to accept ourselves and everyone else as they are. And yes, people will hurt us—sometimes out of ignorance, fear, or greed, but that doesn’t make us weaker. On the contrary – it teaches us about life’s experiences. Our living will start flowing naturally in pink once we can love, smile, be happy, share our love, and not be afraid to receive tenderness, dedication, and support.

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