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So far, I’ve never been into the pink color. Recently though, I’ve started to pick the pink color more often when shopping for home accessories. Again, if I have to choose a gift for a female friend, I’m drawn to pink. Now I view pink in a way very soothing, gentle, and beautiful color. Seeing the world in pink turned out to be very chilling as well.

The pink color is not an independent one. It is a combination of red and white – a tint described more as a shade. Pink embodies the energy of red and the serenity of white. Color psychology says that pink brings hope. It is a beneficial color filled with warm feelings and the feeling that everything will be fine. Pink soothes our emotions, removes anger, aggression, feelings of pain, and loneliness.  

We usually tend to perceive pink as a stereotype of a “female” color. But fashion changes faster than we think, and we shouldn’t allow colors to be gender-defining or judge someone just because they dress up in shades that we don’t think are acceptable. Pink takes an increasing part in men’s fashion, and many “machos” do not bother to wear clothes in similar shades. Some people still can’t accept this phenomenon, but the younger generations have already broken down most of the gender clichés of their parents and grandparents.  

Spiritually, pink is one of the colors of the fourth chakra, a.k.a. heart chakra. Several colors are associated with this chakra. Start with green as an expression of the love sent by us to ourselves and others. And as for healing power and energy. Then goes through pink, which is an expression of unconditional love and manifests itself in kind and gentle people who can see the kindness of others. Finally, there may also be a golden color, which is a reflection of universal love. According to Hindu beliefs, love for ourselves is crucial to love others. That is the understanding of true humanity and the key to realizing that a person is part of society, part of the whole.  

People with a balanced fourth chakra are open, sensual, socially responsible, and proactive. They strive to help the world become better, believe in themselves, and perceive creation as part of divine love. Such people feel unconditional divine love, which means they love for the sake of love without expecting anything in return. The properly functioning heart chakra has a positive influence on the cardiovascular system, chest, and spine.

When the heart chakra is blocked, people lose their sense of justice. Their feelings are superficial. Such people cannot give and receive love, as they subconsciously believe they do not deserve it. They become indifferent, painfully jealous, with a constant fear of losing their person. On a spiritual level, a blocked fourth chakra manifests with persisting relationship problems, feelings of loneliness, heartlessness, and intolerance of those around them. On the physical level, a blocked heart chakra manifests with heart and blood diseases, lung diseases, allergies, asthma, colds, and skin diseases.

Rose quartz, rose agate, pink coral, morganite (pink beryl, pink tourmaline are some of the stones known as suitable for balancing the heart chakra.

With the Christmas holidays approaching, you will probably think of someone around who needs a little pink in their life. Or maybe you need to enhance the love to yourself. If so, here are a few gift ideas in pink:

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