Gift them a song. A funny cartoon song for a child, a branded video wish for a business partner, a romantic Bollywood vibe. You name it.

Gift Them Song

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Finding the most appropriate gift can become a challenging experience. When any holiday approaches, we hunt for heart-melting and memorable gifts for our loved ones. Each gift embodies a sincere manifestation of love, generosity, and a desire to see the joy in another’s eyes. Even a little gift creates a bond with the other person. It is not a simple purchase, but a meaningful one to highlight the affection for that person and the appreciation of our bond.

Gift a piece of your soul

Why not surprise them with a song?

Oh no, I sing falsely.

That’s not a problem at all. You don’t have to sing it yourself. Instead, you can purchase a personal video gift performed by a cartoon character to show affection or gratitude.

Making meaningful purchases

Consider that your purchase will be valuable as it will support a talented free-lance creator.

Free-lance creators are not always recognized, valued, and supported. For this reason, it is challenging for them to meet the potential audience. Artists do not have stable incomes or dedicated managers and budgets for promotion and distribution. They largely depend on the word-of-mouth phenomenon, on the support of friends and a loyal audience. So when we gift a song to someone, we also provide a supportive shout-out to a free-lance creator.

Discover a wide variety of unique visual greetings for everyone at an affordable price. Whether you are shopping for a birthday or any other special occasion, you can always find inspiration. A funny cartoon song for a child, a branded video wish for a business partner, a romantic song, or one with a Bollywood vibe. You name it.

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