Dopamine is a hormone bringing feelings of satisfaction and joy, creates pleasure and motivates us to repeat certain behaviors.

Dopamine Dressing Or How to Dress Happily

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What’s the common thing among the butterflies in our stomachs when we hear the voice of our love, the beautiful view of the endless sea, and our favorite music? That is dopamine, which triggers all pleasurable emotions and makes our hearts swing.

Dopamine is a hormone bringing feelings of satisfaction and joy. This neurotransmitter produced in the brain sends signals between neurons, and once we associate an activity with pleasure, just the memory or anticipation can raise dopamine levels. It could be food, sex, shopping, or anything we enjoy. This mechanism can explain many addictions—to drugs, cigarettes, and chocolate.

Our brain releases that hormone when expecting a reward. The latter creates a sense of pleasure and motivates us to repeat certain behaviors. Low dopamine levels are associated with decreased motivation and reduced enthusiasm. People with depression hardly perform even routine tasks, such as going to work or talking to friends.

How does dopamine relate to fashion trends in clothing?

As already known, the trend of comfortable and practical clothing has emerged because of the global pandemic. Parallel to this trend, another movement in fashion has gained popularity, which links clothing to our state of mind. It’s called dopamine dressing. This fashion trend comes from the theory that our choice of clothing can make us happy and boost our mood. Shaping our dressing style in a way that affects our inner state is fashion and mindfulness.  

Dopamine dressing is subjective and can mean different things to different people. Some may choose to wear sneakers, others—high-heel shoes. Some people enjoy bright colors, while others prefer black or white. Colors are notable for enhancing our mood, but each person’s association with a particular color is individual. Dopamine dressing is not limited to colors but is still associated with them, and so this trend became opposed to the gloomy pandemic mood. The important thing is to keep dopamine high.

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