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10 Books Worth Reading Around Christmas

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Christmas is the most emotional time of the year when we tap into that unique festive enchantment. Yet this wonderful feeling is by no means the crazy buzz at the malls and Christmas markets. Nor the frantic shopping of useless things and excessive food.

Over and above that, Christmas is the period when we set aside all other commitments to spend some quality time with our most precious ones. As well, we can spoil ourselves during the extended holiday break. That is our best chance to snuggle up under the warm blanket, make us a hot drink, grab something sweet, and dive deeply into the magical world of fairy tales. When, if not at Christmas..

That said, which is your favorite Christmas fairy tale. I’ll go first:

  1. Since childhood, my absolute number one is A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. This astonishing tale will renew our joy that it’s Christmas again. Whether we read it aloud with our family and friends or open the pages on a chill winter evening to savor the story in solitude, Charles Dickens’s novel is a magical holiday experience.

2. David Copperfield by Charles Dickens – Even though it’s not a classic Christmas book, the story is so beautiful and captivating that it will raise your festive vibes. I promise! Charles Dickens describes this novel as his favorite child. Indeed so, it is one of his most exuberant and enduringly popular works, filled with tragedy and comedy in equal measure. This edition uses the text of the first volume publication of 1850 and includes updated suggestions for further reading, original illustrations by Phiz, a revised chronology, and expanded notes.

3. Nordic Tales: Folktales from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and Denmark (Nordic Folklore and Stories, Illustrated Nordic Book for Teens and Adults)

What could be more authentic than tales from Santa’s homeland and neighboring countries? Nordic Tales is a collection of 16 traditional tales from the enchanting world of Nordic folklore. Translated and transcribed by folklorists in the 19th century, these stories are at once magical, hilarious, cozy, and chilling.

4. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott (150th Anniversary Edition): With Foreword and 200 Original Illustrations). This beautiful novel follows the lives of the four March sisters—Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy— from childhood to womanhood, and it reflects the life story of the author and her three sisters. Get your handkerchiefs ready because you’re going to cry.

5. Tortilla Flat by John Steinbeck. This outstanding novel portrays the life of a group of jobless ‘paisanos’ – countrymen enjoying life and wine in the days after the end of World War I. The main character Danny inherits two houses from his grandfather, where he moves in with his friends. John Steinbeck compares Danny’s house and Danny’s friends to the Round Table and the Knights of the Round Table. Most of the action is around the time of Steinbeck’s own late teenage and young adult years, shortly after World War I.

6.The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov (50th-Anniversary Edition (Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition). If you’re looking for something surrealistic, go for this book. The plot of this novel is complex, confused, illogical, surreal, comic. It cannot be retold in simple words, as this would undoubtedly deprive it of its many possible interpretations and meanings. To sum up, this plot has two lines. The main action takes place in Moscow in the 1920s. The Devil visits the city for a few days, eager to have some fun, bringing chaos to the citizens’ orderly lives. The other line takes place in Jerusalem during the time of Pontius Pilate. A peculiar prisoner calling himself Yeshua faces the infamous procurator. Pilate must decide this man’s fate and suffers the consequences of his decision. Each story is a path along which Mikhail Bulgakov leads the reader to his complex beliefs and understandings.

7. The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas. This fascinating French historical adventure novel was written in 1844 by Alexandre Dumas. It is in the swashbuckler genre, which has heroic, chivalrous swordsmen who fight for justice. You will enjoy the incredible story of the young nobleman d’Artagnan, who arrives in Paris with his big dream of becoming a royal musketeer. Fate draws him into the vortex of court life, where Cardinal Richelieu rules behind the scenes. D’Artagnan faces incredible adventures with Athos, Porthos, and Aramis, famous throughout Paris as The Three Musketeers.

8. Telephone Tales by Gianni Rodari. You can either read this book to your children or return to the magical world of childhood all by yourself. Every night, at nine o’clock, wherever he is, Mr. Bianchi, an accountant who often has to travel for work, calls his daughter and tells her a bedtime story. But since it’s still the 20th-century world of payphones, Mr. Bianci has limited time for a story a single coin could buy.

9. The Annotated Arabian Nights: Tales from 1001 Nights. Needless to say that it is worth devoting time to this cornerstone of world literature and monument to the power of storytelling. This splendid selection of tales features treasured stories such as Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp and Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. For centuries, readers get thrilled by the gripping stories of Sinbad’s sea adventures and exquisitely captivated by Shahrazad’s passionate romances and otherworldly escapades.

10. Hans Christian Andersen’s Complete Fairy Tales. All the best-loved fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen, including The Ugly Duckling, Thumbelina, The Red Shoes, The Princess on the Pea, and The Emperor’s New Clothes, fill the pages of this beautiful leather-bound collector’s edition. Also included is The Tallow Candle—one of the earliest stories written by Andersen, just discovered recently! A great book of bedtime stories or for rainy day reading, as there are both short and long anecdotes included. The attached bookmark ribbon ensures you’ll never lose your place as you wander through the imagination of one of the most popular children’s writers of all time. Curl up with this collection of classics and lose yourself in childhood memories

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