Happiness in Simple Things

Happiness is in the little things that happen to us in everyday life and are usually not material. And sometimes we don't see.

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Happiness. We hear this word often, but do we feel this feeling and find it all around us? Very often, we do not even realize that we are happy and forget to enjoy to the fullest the moments that make us feel this contentment and harmony within ourselves.

Every day, we need to discover the beautiful things around us and be grateful that we are healthy and so are our loved ones. Happiness is a choice and can be found anywhere – whether in the satisfaction of our work, meeting friends, or on a dream trip. Happiness is in the little things that happen to us in everyday life and are usually not material.

List of random reasons that bring happiness

Reflecting on the above, I came up with a list of random things that made me happy. My list of random appreciations is also a written expression of gratitude to the Universe for everything I have enjoyed and enjoy:

A pair of comfortable shoes. Like old sneakers or comfy stilettos.

Coffee with milk. Should I explain it at all?

Spinach oatmeal. Quick, simple, and yummy dish. Sauté the spinach, and add garlic, salt, black pepper, and flour to the water. Stir for a while. Serve with a poached egg and cheese. Yummy!

Chocolate. With hazelnuts.

A glass of Prosecco. Might it be in the bathtub?

Favorite music on the radio while being stuck in a traffic jam.

Yoga Class. Still haven’t tried yoga? You don’t know what you are missing. It’s the easiest and most enjoyable way to reset your body and mind and get everything back in perfect balance.

Nature. Spending a lot of time in nature is the greatest gift you can give yourself. The sight of the endless sea or the scent of forest can heal even the deepest wounds in our souls.

The freshness of citrus fruits. In Summer, they bring freshness and chill. In Winter, they remind us of the Christmas coziness and warmth.

The list is open. Add to it.

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