Most women own the essential purse models for any occasion, matching almost every outfit and shoe in their wardrobe.

Purse Models We Must Have

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Watch is the first thing we notice as an accessory for the stylish man. While for the ladies, the purse. Choosing the right bag for a particular look could be challenging. The handles matter, as well as the color. Despite the endless variety of models in terms of design, material, and color, no bag is universal and suitable for work, leisure, a formal event, or shopping at the same time. There are models of casual handbags matching almost every outfit and shoe in our wardrobe. Yet, they look nonsensical with a party or formal event clothes. Therefore, most women own models for any occasion—shoulder, clutch, backpack, bulky shopping bag. So the more models we have in our collection, the better.

How did ladies’ handbags come about?

Did you know men are the first users of handbags? In the Middle Ages, the coin and trinket pouch called the homoniere appeared. Homoniere is the prototype of the modern ladies’ purse. Over time, these bags transformed according to the needs of ladies. They increased in size and became an accessory. And so on until 1790, when the ladies’ purse as we know it today came into being. Madame de Pompadour was their true trendsetter.

Classic Chic Standing The Test Of Time

To begin with, the classic chic and glamour. The iconic quilted bag, with a long shoulder chain strap, was designed by the fashion house of Chanel. As with almost every design by Coco Chanel, the most important thing when creating the bag is to make it comfortable. Thanks to the chain, there is no need for this little purse to hold in hand. This bag, launched in 1955, is still one of the biggest inspirations for the most famous, prestigious fashion houses and other designers.

Another model that is a notorious symbol of glamour is the Birkin Bag, created by the fashion house of Hermes. The original Hermes is considered the most expensive and luxurious purse. This bag is not widely available, and there is a waiting list. Even the price reaching up to thousands of dollars does not discourage the obsessed trendsetters. This woman’s purse, with a signature trapezoidal shape and short handle, created in honor of singer Jane Birkin, was initially meant to be practical and suitable for travel but turned into an iconic accessory.

STATEMENT Purse Models For everyday

The comfortable bag is a must-have accessory in our everyday life. Women today want to be both stylish and practical. The daily bag should be comfy and durable, with enough pockets and compartments, a medium-sized model with a stable bottom, and soft leather. It shouldn’t be too provocative, and for the color, it should better match most of the clothes in the wardrobe. Guided by our sense of comfort, we can choose a classic-shaped bag in eco-leather with two different handles, with a clean design, or a smaller version. Purses, fitting business accessories such as laptops or tablets, are not going out of trend. These models give versatility and comfort at the same time.

The widely used laptop bags are both attractive and well-organized in multiple compartments. Amazingly, they can put together enough space to secure paperwork, files, and sections with room for cosmetics, documents, and a wallet. Also, they have multiple pockets for small essentials: keys, earphones, and bottles. These stylishly oversized women’s briefcases go from workday to weekend without missing a beat. The laptop work bag is ideal for daily use everywhere.

Another comfortable option is the multi-function stylish women’s hobo bag with an adjustable and detachable long shoulder strap. Depending on the need, it can be a purse, shoulder bag, and cross-body bag. Perfect for any occasion and keeps all daily items well organized.

Last but not least, which lady doesn’t dream of owning a piece of affordable luxury? Like the Furla bag. This beautiful, well-organized bag is perfect for the businesswoman whose workplace is the office. And it brings a delicate feminine presence into the masculine world of business.

Mini bags for social glamour

The big bulky bag is not an appropriate choice for a visit to a restaurant, party, theater, or social event. Mini options with short handles or purse types are suitable, as well as brighter colors or sparkly finishes.

Besides, small bags are always in fashion. They appeal to designers and ladies alike because the mini bag is the perfect match, ready to accompany us on a cup of coffee with girlfriends or a casual walk. Mini handbags are perfect for a crazy party or celebration. This practical item will store a smartphone or keys and add a bit of glamour wherever we go.

Women who want to stand out more and more often abandon classic bags and prefer accessories with unusual shapes. Original models, unconventional materials for handles, eccentric elements, and textures are trendy every season.

Whatever occasion we need a bag for, it’s always good to tailor the size according to our figure. Women with a finer body structure should choose smaller bags, while those with a more voluptuous body should go for a medium size. For a lady with a shorter height, a long-handled bag worn over the shoulder visually lengthens the silhouette. Tall ladies should carry the purse on their elbows or in their hands, and a voluminous and horizontal model is suitable for them. When choosing the color, it would be better to consider one that will add a stylish accent to our overall look and highlight our style.

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