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5 Reasons To Get A Planner

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It’s never too late to plan for the new year ahead. If we miss new year’s day on the first of January, we could start from the next approaching new year’s date.

That can be the first of February, mid-July, or the twenty-sixth of September, to mention a few. The date of Chinese New Year falls on the new moon between the twenty-first of January and the twenty-first of February.

Some cultures celebrate the beginning of the year around the vernal equinox, the moment of rebirth in nature. Others, like the Maori people of New Zealand, consider the beginning of the new year when the Pleiades first appear in the night sky in late May or early June.

At the end of summer comes the new year for the Copts, the largest Christian community in Egypt, and it also does for the Ethiopians. Jews celebrate the New Year on the first day of the seventh month of the Jewish calendar, Tishri. It always falls in September or the first half of October.

Whichever date we choose to start our sorted-out new year, the important thing is to get started, because:

  • We promise ourselves to live the year in the best possible way. At the beginning of every year, we take stock of the past year and promise to start many extra activities or finish long pending ones. Now and then, we only have thoughts and plans in our heads. Once written on paper, they can easily shape up.
  • We simplify life. No more messy lists, scattered sticky notes, and mental clutter. Keeping everything in one place and having everything we need at a glance will help simplify our life.
  • We start from scratch. There’s nothing better than sitting down with a blank, new Planner, and a favorite pen. It’s a blank slate just waiting for us to design our routine.
  • We can set bold goals. Planning positive changes in our lives always make us feel better. It’s a proactive action that we control and can do something to make the things we want to happen.
  • We will see our goals achieved. First, we set the goal. Then we begin to consciously think about it, about the way to realize it, and we set deadlines. A goal is a specific task for action, and it’s better to write it down. The sweetest part comes at the end.

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