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5 Makeup Trends For S/S 2022, We Shouldn’t Miss

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The time to align our makeup collection with the upcoming trends is during the seasons’ change. Twenty-twenty-two still follows the rule that makeup should highlight our personality and inner world. So we should better go for products that highlight our natural beauty, for example, nude makeup and soft glam. Add some silky gloss and neon finish to highlight the natural glow look that will be trendy this season. There won’t be makeup limitations in 2022.

  • Statement Blush. Many women don’t use it because they assume they don’t know which color to choose and how to use it. The blush, however, refreshes the face and conceals imperfections. Gives our skin a radiant look, highlights our cheekbones, and elongates our oval.
  • Glossy Lips. Twenty-twenty-one was the year of matte lipsticks. Glossy lips are coming. This trend will be popular in the early spring, so we should start adding to our favorite lip gloss collection in different shades of coral, purple-pink, and apricot.
  • Sun-kissed makeup, or sunset-colored makeup, is another makeup trend gaining momentum, perfect for long summer walks and bronzed tans. Apply pearlescent shade in a terracotta color at the corner of the eyes towards the nose, and do not skimp on the bronzer and highlighter.
  • Pastel and neon eyeshadow. This summer, makeup expresses fun and reflects boldness. It won’t be the makeup technique that matters, but the bright pastel, neon eyeshadows, and how much your makeup stands out and differs from others.
  • Beads as a makeup accessory. Self-adhesive beads and gems will become the hottest makeup accessory. Put them on the eyebrows, then on the eye corner, over the applied eyeliner. Glitter and glam in the evening.

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