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Male Grooming Game Level-Up

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Male grooming maintains a clean and polished manner and shows a unique personality. Men can stand out in various ways. Some examples include developing a unique set of skills or expertise, demonstrating strong leadership qualities, being kind and respectful to others, being well-rounded, and having confident and authentic self-expression. Ultimately, standing out is about being genuine and making a positive impact. Add the style choices, fitness, nutrition, and grooming routine. And, the grooming levels up nowadays through cosmetics designed for male care. Products like concealer, foundation, powder, bronzer, and even eyeliner or mascara are not reserved for women only, nor for professional actors, models, or performers. Men’s makeup is becoming increasingly popular as more care about their grooming and self-care, and societal views on gender and beauty continue to shift.

Beauty Routine for men Is not 21st-century invention at all

Male grooming dates back to ancient civilizations, where men had their hair cut for rituals and ceremonies. Ancient Egyptians shaved their heads and faces to prove themselves physically clean and used scented oils and perfumes. In Ancient Greece and Rome, men shaved their heads, rubbed oils on their skin, and exercised to maintain an attractive appearance. Whereas both men and women in China and Japan colored their nails to highlight upper social status.

In the Middle Ages, the beauty routine was for hygiene rather than aesthetics. Beards were fashionable and well-groomed, and people used scissors, combs, and razors. Social differences are manifested not so much by gender as by social status, so a higher social ranking meant more flamboyant grooming.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, men’s grooming became more elaborate and focused on appearance. Men used pomades, colognes, and shaving creams. The twentieth century brought more varied products using new technologies. Hair gels, deodorants, body sprays, and men’s grooming salons became popular.

Cinema and pop culture have also contributed to male grooming. Nowadays, however, a man doesn’t need to be an actor or a rock star to use beauty products. Men’s grooming expands in skincare, tools, and beauty equipment.

The New Age And The Responsible Choice

The rise of the metrosexual movement in the early 2000s helped to change the perception of men’s grooming, as more men started focusing on their appearance and investing in grooming products. The popularity of social media and influencer culture has also played a role in this shift, as men enjoy a broader range of grooming options and styles through social media platforms. Yet, men are becoming more open to experimenting with different grooming styles and trends, such as beards, long hair, and bold hairstyles. The latter has led to an increased demand for high-quality grooming products and services, such as barbershops and salons for specialized men’s grooming. The natural, organic, and eco-friendly ingredients in beauty products are also gaining momentum, as men are becoming more conscious of the impact on the environment and their health.

In summary, men’s grooming has expanded from simple shaving and hair cutting to a more elaborate and diverse range of products and services, influenced by the media and societal change in the vision men perceive their appearance and the use of eco-friendly products.


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