10 Sources Of Inspiration

Inspiration can manifest through positive affirmations, exciting conversations, physical activity, or through love, children, or occupation.

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Inspiration can manifest in different forms. Some people get inspired through positive affirmations, exciting conversations, and physical activity, while others get inspired through love, children, or occupation.

Love conquers all as the most dominant value in our spiritual world. Inspiring, transforming, and life-changing. Love brings a sense of calm and the best motivation to face everyday challenges. 

People who live ordinary lives like all of us, but when faced with extreme circumstances, react to affect the lives of many. Such people help make dreams come true, create extraordinary things, and achieve unbelievable victories. They are genuine heroes possessing superpowers and ultimate game-changers.

Nature is a source of creative inspiration for poets, writers, painters, sculptors, and composers. Or for entrepreneurs launching eco-friendly innovations. And for all of us who chill and get inspiration while admiring her beauty.

Art. The very purpose of art is to fascinate and inspire. And from admirers, we can become creators. We go to ceramics, painting, or poetry workshops and indulge in them. We don’t need Leonardo da Vinci slumbering inside us to pick up a brush and treat our soul with the fulfilling experience of creativity.

Suffering. Sad but true—sometimes the most intense emotional instability and experience could become the stimulus and the inspiration for unique masterpieces. Many artists create their most magnificent and ingenious works inspired by a nightmare, sadness, pain, or depression.

Inspiration comes in those moments when we see true virtue.

Discoveries are one of the most exceptional catalysts for humanity’s progress. Starting with fire—the first notable discovery a million years ago, then going through cultivating plants and the domestication of animals, the first script of the Sumerians six thousand years ago—and on to photography and cinema, radio and television, the digital computer, atomic energy, space technology, the DNA of the human genome, global navigation systems. All of them changed the course of human history.

Teachers. They enlighten and inspire us. Everyone has one or more teachers or spiritual guides who have changed their lives forever. 

Books. They enlighten us and expand our consciousness. We discover the most common pitfalls on the road to happiness, and dream big. They are our most exciting and loyal besties.

Faith is the most fulfilling inspiration we find within ourselves. When we are full of faith, we can influence things, touch heaven and earth, the gods and the souls of our ancestors, and cross the universe. Nothing could stop us.

Life. Being a happy human is beautiful, challenging, possible, and yet temporary. Physical life is incredible and full of possibilities. However, it is incomplete and painful when it is devoid of the power of the spirit and the knowledge of the soul.

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