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Iconic Makeup Looks In The ’70s, ’80s, And ’90s

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In recent years, makeup designers and artists have increasingly gotten inspiration from the iconic makeup looks of the last century. As early as the 1950s, girls’ eyes gained expressiveness thanks to false eyelashes, and lush red lips became a hallmark of retro style.

Nowadays, leading stylists dictate their own rules for creating the image of the retro girl. To create a retro-style look, we need to carefully research the style of those years we want to try on. Maybe we’ll be inspired by the eclecticism of the ’70s or the brightness of the ’80s?

The ‘70s – The Disco Ball Glamour Finds Its Place In The Make-up. Predominantly shadows in bright shades, with glittery particles. On the other hand, the hippie style was in vogue, with its shadows in soft nuances and creamy shimmery blush.

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The’80s – Bright and Dark Colors and Highlighting. The main feature of this style is highlighting the face with different colors. The eyeliner and dark eye shadow outline the eye. The blush is in bright, pink shades and differs from the foundation.

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The 90s – Be You! The styles mix and match and allow complete freedom in makeup and wardrobe. The “cat’s eye” effect emerged and became the most popular trend this decade.

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