Iconic Style From The ’70s, ’80s, And ’90s

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Iconic retro never goes out of style. More and more, the collections of many brands radiate nostalgia for the 70s, 80s, and 90s, and designers bring retro clothes back with a modern touch. To understand the fashion trends of a particular period—namely, in a few specific decades, it is necessary to know how those generations lived. All the social changes and new cultural trends set style and appearance.

The 70s – Incredible blend of styles

The 70s’ are one of the most plentiful periods in fashion history, inspiring the world’s leading designers to reflect on it. Freedom, eclecticism, and varieties of colors and prints—this is the signature style of the 1970s.

Charleston, fringe, and sequin disco clothing are notable fashion trends from this decade. For the first time, the basic clothing concept appeared. Stores offer suits with matching shirts, blouses, sweaters, and skirts. The 70s are bringing jeans to the fore.

The’80s – Big earrings, leggings, wide t-shirts, jeans and shoulder pads

The 1980s is the decade of the pop and movie stars of all time: Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Curt Russel, to name a few. The 80s are the time of the MTV generation. Following the pop style, fashion developed exclusive trends. The clothes started getting more colorful, the cuts bolder, and the routines for some were even outrageous.

During this decade, fashion designers further broke the notion that a woman should only be a stay-home wife, taking care of the family. Big earrings, leggings, oversized t-shirts with slogans, and jeans are more often now worn by ladies. Women vividly assert their presence.

Some trends of this decade have remained classics to this day. Others are making a comeback.

The ’90s – be You

The 90s was the time of unisex, grunge, military, and sporty style, alone or in combination, depending on personal taste and self-expression. Minimalistic, like a set of jeans and a white t-shirt, a simple dress, or a casual sporty outfit. Or grunge, inspired by the iconic bands of this decade, in a leather jacket, boots, and ripped pantyhose.

The 1990s was the decade when the active animal rights movement began, and faux fur clothing and footwear appeared on the market. Another sustainable trend from this decade until nowadays is unisex clothing, such as tracksuits and hoodies.

The fashions of the 1990s set many contemporary trends. Foremost, it’s denim in many patterns and variations – dark blue, blue, boiled, ripped, with holes on the knees. Denim clothes match everything – t-shirts, dresses, leather jackets. The 90s set the trend of being able to combine everything and express a unique personality.

Our memories are selective – we forget the bad and remember the good. Retro fashion reflects the beautiful side of the past. Time washes away temporary false values and returns to the nostalgia of the good old days.

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