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The Exciting Journey Of Spiritual Awakening

Which type of person are you? One with rigid beliefs and an unshakeable set of rules and restrictions? A person who firmly believes in duality and sees the world in black and white, while anger, judgment, and fear are your daily companions?
Or you may experience spiritual awakening and heart-opening and feel some light within and around you. You have ridden off all mental and emotional baggage and don’t feel fear, anger, hostility, or guilt. You do not judge others. A sense of spaciousness and inspiration is what you have. You live following your heart, guided by unconditional love.

We all live on the same planet, surrounded by the same world. However, we have different perceptions depending on what state of mind we choose to see the world. According to quantum physics, there are nine, eleven, or twenty-two dimensions of existence. Each one vibrates at a higher frequency than the previous, with a clearer and broader perspective of reality and a higher level of cognition. To reach the higher dimension, we must expand our consciousness. That is possible through emotional intelligence techniques, meditation, empathy, contemplation, connecting with nature, mindfulness, etc. These activities and habits made into routine bring a healthy, harmonious, and vibrant balance to our lives and the lives of those around us. The highest vibrations come from love and joy, peace and enlightenment. The lower vibrations brought on by feelings such as fear, anger, and hatred make us sick.

Our planet is now shifting to a much higher vibration. We are in a period of transition from the third to the fifth dimension. The higher frequency energy is creating a massive planetary shift in consciousness so that we can all grow. These are the moments when we experience the end of three-dimensional reality and begin the journey through the new and unknown worlds of the fourth dimension, hurtling towards the fifth. The entire structure around us collapses, and a new one emerges in its place. Chaos, confusion, and disorientation appear both within us and the outside world as we try to adjust to the new way of perceiving reality.

Many of us experience radical life changes. As we move into higher levels of consciousness, we need to throw off any burdens from the past. Old relationships, careers, approaches to life we have traditionally taken, an external sense of identity, or any limitations or negative thoughts and emotions that have kept us in lower vibrations. We awake of the flood of divine light that is currently arriving from the higher dimensions despite its mixing with the destruction of the old world that is passing away. The release of old patterns and negative emotions becomes easy if we let them go intentionally. We realize we are the only creators of our reality, not anyone else.

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We realize the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, what we feed our bodies, and how our actions affect the environment and others around us. We have a strong desire to follow our passion and be of service to others. Our intuition is activated, our potential is unlimited, and we are open and expansive. At this level, we understand we are part of something bigger. Life becomes an adventure of growth, there is no more suffering, and there is no such thing as good or bad or duality. Love and compassion are the ultimate values, and we no longer judge. We understand everyone is equal and walks their life path. We seek our truth and follow our joy. Some people feel the change and accept it, while others still resist.

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