10 Fashionable and Conscious Trends for S/S2022

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You can be both fashionable and unique and yet wear environmentally conscious clothing. Even more, you can easily create the design of your garment. We’re not talking about something you haven’t heard of – we’re talking about clothes designed through ‘print-on-demand’.

The digitally custom-made garment design and embroidery are gaining popularity, and in 2022, demand continues to grow from both the fashion industry and individual consumers. Personally customised designs that anyone can create, in colour, size and style preferences, are becoming increasingly popular, as is the increase in high-quality embroidery options.

Why choose print-on-demand?

Unlike fast fashion, products created this way don’t leave such a negative environmental footprint. There is no need to pre-produce a useless amount of clothing. Print-on-demand makes the products only after an order is in place. With a reasonable waste of resources and human labour.
Last but not least, it’s fun!

  • The cropped top is a must-have for any modern wardrobe and adds a stylish twist to any outfit. Great with jeans, skirts or high-waisted trousers, the cropped top comes in a wide range of colours, fabrics and cuts to suit every figure. Just add your unique print or embroidery and turn the cropped top into a perfect match and charming garment that will make you stand out from the crowd.
  • One of the most captivating trends is the custom embroidered shirts. Whether it’s a phrase, pattern or logo, these unique pieces will say something about your personality, day or mood. Embroidered and personalized shirts are a must-have, especially for those who want to attract high traffic on their Instagram photos.
  • The Hat is one of those accessories that are fashionable but also necessary. It protects hair and facial skin from the sun’s rays. On the other hand, it has the power to transform any summer style and change your radiance. You can be stylish even with a baseball cap. Whether you’re at a music festival or having a quiet coffee with friends, a hat is an accessory that can instantly position you in the exact style you desire.
  • Every woman should have a few beautiful mini dresses in her wardrobe, not only for the evening but also for casual looks. The mini dress will add some femininity and confidence to your daily style. You won’t go wrong if you update your collection with a couple of mini casual dresses. Why not designed by you.
  • Never underestimate the importance of comfy cotton sweatpants. When it comes to comfortable fabrics that allow the skin to breathe, cotton beats them all. Therefore, a pair or two of sweatpants are a must-have in the wardrobe of people who prefer outdoor activities.
  • Padded sports bras are not only for training in the gym but also could be suitable for outdoor walks during the hot season. They perfectly combine with different variations of pants ranging from shorts to classic, long and straight sweatpants. Also, can be the perfect match with loose-fitting cut-offs or open shoulder t-shirts.
  • If you have a hoodie, you are always in line with the trends in fashion. The hoodie is style, convenience and comfort. Hoodies are not only for teenagers since the variety of models for every taste, size, and wallet is endless.
  • What would summer be without comfy shorts! Made for the beach but now refined for the city, shorts are one of the most comfortable and fresh garments. They are always a good choice on those days when the scorching temperatures give no respite, and you never know how to dress up. And it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the great body of a supermodel. Who said they couldn’t be worn by us ordinary girls too? In the end, it’s just about finding models that fit perfectly and enhance your silhouette well so you can learn how to show them off without any fear.
  • The sporty one-piece swimsuit also remains a trend, as the cuts are clean, without ties, decorative elements, stones, etc. The colours are classic – black and white, but there are also neon and bright colours – such as yellow, orange and cyclamen. Print is again present in the swimwear collections, so you can let your imagination run wild and become the hottest lady on the beach.
  • Accessories, creams, makeup – so many extra items you carry. Large and roomy bags have always been synonymous with travel, maximalism and excess. But they are also the perfect option for shopping, out of town trips and going to the gym. Therefore, it is not surprising that extra-large sustainable eco tote bags are far from a new trend and are always in fashion.

The new season is on the doorstep, and it’s time to update your collection with trendy, colourful and unique garments. Instead of wondering what design to choose to stand out from the crowd, create it yourself. You can do it now and enjoy it!


Please note: This post contains affiliate links.

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