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Demand Health

How do we imagine healthy living? Usually like healthy eating and regular workouts. It is way more complicated, however. Our health depends on the harmony between the physical body and the experience on the subtle plane.

The soul, emotions, mind, and body are equal parts of our flawlessly created universe. So, if our mind does not function properly, the body suffers, and vice versa. When the mind is not calm, the body is not either.

“If you feel a minor discomfort here, a little pain there, perhaps a fear, or shed a tear, I invite you to search deeper to get why you feel this way.” So advises Julietta Sebastian, an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, focused on gut health recovery after trauma and loss.

Julietta helps people who want to cope with the daily overload of tasks, to demand back their health – hence to achieve a relaxed state of body-mind, reconnection with their true nature, bring forgotten passions, to feel love, lightness, and joy.

The Integrative Nutrition approach includes understanding bio-individuality by using primary and secondary foods and applying nutritional theories and positive psychology techniques. These techniques contribute to increased self-esteem, improved relationships, and a greater outlook on life. 

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