Fairy Of Love

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The fairy of love depicts in mythology as a magical creature associated with affection, beauty, and happiness. Different cultures have their interpretations of the love fairies. The Greek goddess Aphrodite, the Roman goddess Venus, or the Celtic goddess Áine. They often depict these figures as beautiful, ethereal beings with the power to inspire love and affection in those around them.

Contemporary fairies of the digital age 

We relate fairies to mythical creatures in folklore and fantasy. However, contemporary women still embody qualities associated with fairies, such as grace, beauty, and a sense of magic. These are all nurturing, intuitive, and creative women.

We can find fairy-like qualities in every woman, expressing unique talents and a genuine presence. Or women who create beauty and magic through their craft work. The idea of contemporary women as fairies is a way to recognize and celebrate the unique and inspiring qualities women bring to the world in the digital age.

Women on a mission

Fairies are women who turn everything they touch into beauty. It could be the enchanting lady living next door, like the artist and blogger Vihra Rowe, who has been radiating love through her endeavors for as long as she can remember. 

A former presenter on a popular lifestyle TV show, reporter, and editor of several lifestyle magazines in Bulgaria, nowadays, Vihra is spending her time between Europe and Australia. Her love and passion for arts manifests in painting, crafting, and blogging. Just like a magical fairy, she teaches her followers how to break through daily routines by creating joy and a signature style.

Vihra Rowe runs a lovely store on Etsy for crafted paper flowers. Not only does she make stunning designs, but she was also the first seller to release a tutorial on making flowers. And so, she became the first seller on Etsy to offer digital tutorials for crafting flowers. Vihra set off a trend, inspiring many other sellers to offer that service now.

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The mission of contemporary fairies is to make this world a better place. So, no wonder that Vihtra believes she can drive more individuals to become creators. Her dream is to inspire people to switch from faceless fast fashion products to sustainable pieces with a personal touch. Another significant part of her mission is encouraging women who lost their jobs to launch a small business from home. She wants to make them feel confident to change their lives through creative endeavors.

Random picks from the most recent fine arts projects by Vihra Rowe, which she is sharing first on Libra Café

It’s all about love

Love is when we approach every task, interaction, and situation with passion and kindness. When we treat others with respect and understanding, empathy and consideration for their feelings, and act in a way that shows love and care for them. It also means approaching our work and life with a positive attitude, taking pride in what we do, and doing it in a way to inspire. When we act out of love, we bring warmth, joy, and positivity to everything in life. Just like the fairies do.

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