Routine And Joy Of Life

Routine is a focus on the present, shaped by our actions and desires. And so it bring happiness, as the real joy of life is here and now.

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A routine refers to a framework of actions depending on the activities and time of the day. That is the habitual way we carry out our daily tasks and activities, making life more orderly and goals – achievable. Consciously and unconsciously, we have some routines in our daily lives, such as hygiene habits, work hours, or grocery shopping. Our to-do list to check off.

Just like bad habits are easy to create and hard to break, a meaningful routine could become the significant change that helps us get the best out of our life. An orderly life does not have to mean monotony. Even on the contrary, it can manifest itself in doing something out of the ordinary every Saturday, for example.



Setting order in daily activities means less anxiety about the unknown or fear of losing control. Routine creates a feeling of safety, as the expected outcome is more likely predictable.


An orderly life creates discipline, which improves concentration and performance. Concentration removes distracting thoughts and keeps us fully present at the moment and the task.


Routine means less chaotic planning. Scheduling commitments, work, leisure, and breaks can put a lot of stress on our bodies and psyche. When we set order in daily activities, we reduce the mess, hence the pressure.


Time never runs out. Our success, personal career, and even peace of mind depend on the ability to allocate time properly. In the crazy time we live in now, time management is crucial for everyone, both personally and professionally.


It’s all about the joy of life. Whether it comes from the glow of professional fulfillment or manifests in small pleasures, everyone would agree that it means happy and fulfilling life. We have to work, to pay bills, and besides being busy with household chores, we often get bogged down in thinking about yesterday or worrying about tomorrow. Mistakes we have already made are another reason to harass ourselves. We plan the agenda for the coming days and remind ourselves of something in the future that is important and should not miss. Long story short – we are not present at the moment.

Happiness is only possible now and here. We can only have memories of yesterday and hopes for tomorrow. Only the present can be influenced and shaped by our actions according to our tastes and desires. Let us try to make it more structured and enjoy life.