5 Popular Makeup Products for Men

side view of a man with piercing

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Although men’s makeup is still taboo for many, this trend seems to be growing. From skin moisturizer and translucent lip balm to bright eyeshadow and false lashes, there are many different ways men use makeup nowadays. Boy Makeup tutorials are gaining popularity on Youtube, Tik Tok, and Instagram, and beauty gurus like James Charles, Manny Gutierrez, Patrick Starrr have millions of followers.

Beauty products for men are not 21st-century inventions at all. Men first started using makeup in Asia – China, and Japan, around 3000 BC. Then both men and women used tinctures of Arabic gum, gelatin, and egg to color their nails and thus show their status in society.

A few thousand years later, indigenous pre-Celtic tribes emerged. They had a tradition of painting their bodies blue with woad extract. And this is where their name comes from, given by the ancient Romans – Picts, which translated from Latin means precisely the painted.

Then came Louis XIII with his wigs. The difference in the sexes was not so significant as was the social status. And the hierarchy in the class society was validated exclusively by the more visible and contrasting makeup, while gender didn’t matter that much.

Let us move from history to the present. Without cinema and pop culture, there would be no makeup for men. Nowadays, cosmetic companies have dedicated lines for men’s beauty products. And without being actors or rock musicians, many men have established their daily beauty routine.

Mens Tinted Moisturizer. This product combines hydration power and self-adapting color to treat, hydrate, prime and camouflage imperfections to enhance, even, and illuminate complexions. Upon application, this tinted moisturizer adapts to man’s skin tone, corrects the appearance of uneven skin tone, minimizes pores, blemishes, and under-eye circles.

Formen Facial Concealer for Men: 3-in-1 Corrective Cream for Acne and Imperfections – Includes Free Sample of Vitamin C Facial Cleanser

Mens Concealer. Conceal areas of the skin that have discoloration and lessens the appearance of dark circles, rashes, acne, scars, bumps, pimples, blackheads, and other unmentionables.


Warpaint for Men – Make Up Remover. Liquid remover product for all makeup and oils from the face. Designed specifically for men’s skin.

Beard Pencil Filler for Men 2 Pack, Beard Powder Pen Kit Moustache and Eyebrows Pen, WaterProof, Long Lasting Coverage Beard, Beard Dye for Men. Beard Pencil filler for men gives the best form of the mustache and helps men reach their full beard potential.